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"You Paid What??!"
A Workshop On Full Cost Accounting Methodology For Information Technology Projects In The Public Sector

10 March 2004
Ottawa, ON Canada

The Ottawa Congress Centre

Plus, 9-11 March 2004:
Pre & Post Optional Workshops
Technology Showcase & ROI "Show & Tell"

Why Should I Go To This Event?

Budgets, Time, Value: Is Your Team Better Than Average?
How much better than the "industry average" would your IT project teams have to be to deliver results on time, within budget, and with all the requested features? Broad industry surveys, interviews and workshops with IT executives show the following averages:

Less than one sixth of IT projects (16.2%) are considered "successful" by IT executives. Success is defined as the project being completed on-time and on-budget, with all the features and functions initially specified.

Over half of IT projects (52.7%) are considered "challenged". This refers to projects that are completed and operational but over-budget, over the time estimate, and/or offering fewer features and functions than originally specified.

About a third of all IT projects (31.1%) are labeled "impaired". These projects were canceled at some point during the development cycle.

Almost a third of the "challenged" and "impaired" projects experience:
Cost overruns of 150% to 200% (averaging 189% of their original cost estimates)
Time overruns of 200% to 300% (averaging 222% of their original time estimates)

Source: The Standish Group TSG, Massachussets, "CHAOS Study" http://www.standishgroup.com/chaos/intro1.php


What is Full Cost Accounting?

Instead of making information technology purchasing decisions on the basis of a single-project cash-flow, FCA provides a framework to assess value-for-money from an enterprise perspective, and when appropriate, in consideration of the wider community. It provides a structured way for executives, managers and other stakeholders to communicate about enterprise-level Return On Investment (ROI), as well as about positive or negative "externalities". Furthermore, when FCA is applied to competitive cost-per-point procurement processes, it will typically present a more competitive environment for a wider range of suppliers, compared with contract-by-contract criteria.

FCA in Government
In both Canadian and European governments, FCA has been engaged by environmental departments and agencies for improving ecological accountability and sustainability. In the US, the White House Office of Management and Budget has been encouraging agencies to adopt FCA since 1991. Several that have implemented FCA in recent years (Justice, Labor, Environment http://www.epa.gov/fullcost/principl.htm , Veterans Affairs, and NASA, among others) are reporting that managers are able to make more informed and prudent decisions about their programs, because they better understand and track their full costs.

In 2003/04, FCA methodology in the field of information technology (IT) is still in its formative stages, and the concept remains unfamiliar to most IT professionals. But the multi-billion dollar scale and aggressive momentum of information technology maintenance cost have led to worldwide demand for greater accountability in IT decision-making, recovery of financial control over IT, and more realistic appraisal of the returns on IT investments.

The "You Paid What??!" workshop on FCA methodology is a mutual learning event involving IT and accounting professionals interested in measuring and managing the full costs of IT decisions.

This series of sessions offers a fast-paced, participatory, and results-based event that is driven by current priorities in applied FCA in the public sector. Genuine case studies will be used to help participants to articulate the issues to be resolved, and to identify solution options. Participants will come away with state-of-the-art knowledge that will be immediately applicable to designing and implementing better financial reporting and management for IT projects within their respective organizations!


Who Should Attend?

You are a senior information technology manager or architect who guides the informatics direction of your organization.

You are an accountant or financial analyst responsible for preparing departmental estimates, budgets and business cases for information technology projects and renewal.

You are a procurement officer who assists with information technology acquisition criteria, processes and contracts.


How Much will it Cost?

Forum Registration Fee $1199.00 + 7%GST = $1282.93
The registration fee includes the Main Day Agenda, March 10/2004 plus your choice of any two of the four half-day focus sessions on March 9th & 11th 2004.
Please select:
Focus Session A ( )
  Focus Session B ( )
  Focus Session C ( )
  Focus Session D ( )
Registration + 1 Additional Half-day Focus Session $1499.00 + 7%GST = $1603.93
Please Select:
Focus Session A ( )
  Focus Session B ( )
  Focus Session C ( )
  Focus Session D ( )
Registation + 2 Additional Half-day Focus Sessions $1699.00 + 7%GST = $1817.93


Is There Anything Else I Should Know About?

TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE & ROI “Show & Tell” March 9 th & 10 th 2004
The technology showcase will run for the first two days of the learning event and is offered to public sector employees free of charge. Access is not contingent on participation in the learning event portion of the program, however a limited number of passes will be issued. Eliminating the common pitfalls of industry tradeshows, this is your opportunity to meet solution providers from:
  • Internal government resources
  • Open Source suppliers
  • Proprietary suppliers

As part of the Technology Showcase solution providers will be given the opportunity to participate in the ROI “Show & Tell”. The purpose of the ROI “Show & Tell” is not to only provide a technology demonstration, but to discuss the hard ‘value' questions you need answered.

Conference Location & Accommodations

This event will be held at:
Ottawa Congress Centre
55 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa ON K1N 9J2
P: 800.450.0077
F: 613.563.7646

If you are coming to this event from out of town we suggest that you stay in style. Verney Conference Management has negotiated a preferred rate on your behalf at:

Les Suites Hotel Ottawa
130 Besserer St .
Ottawa ON K1N 9M9
P: 800.267.1989
F: 613-232-1242

You must mention this booking code in order to reserve your special rate: VERNEY0308

* This preferred rate is subject to availability with a cut-off date of Friday February 6/2004

How To Build Your Event Team
Bringing a team of people will ensure you understand the changes, innovations, and challenges in the industry and the impact this information could have on your goals. To help you do this we have included a team discount structure for delegates registering from the same organization at the same time.

  • Teams of 3 receive a 5% discount on the registration fees for each participant
  • Teams of 5 receive a 10% discount on the registration fees for each participant
  • Teams of 7 receive a 15% discount on the registration fees for each participant
  • For larger teams please call 613-226-8317

*not valid with any other offer

Our Unconditional Upgrade Policy
If you have registered for a similar event and wish to upgrade to this event instead, we are so sure that you will find this event of more value that we will refund any cancellation fee up to $200!

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